First Visit :There is a 1000-yen discount for your initial evaluation and consultation.

(Until December 31, 2021)

Treatment Ticket

Regular rate

During your first visit, it may take some time to understand your present physical condition. 

I am looking forward to helping you with any problems and answering your questions.

When coming for the first time, you will have questions about who will treat you, what kind of treatments are used, what our center is like, if the treatment is effective, and how many treatments will be needed.

When you have your evaluation, I will try to explain everything and encourage you to ask about anything you don’t understand before treatment.


5 times ticket   ¥ 30,000 (tax included)

Tickets for five visits are

¥ 30,000 (tax included) and are valid for 6 months. You can share them with your family.

Please select "Payment directly" when making a reservation online

¥ 6,700 (tax included)

You can pay at the office using Square for credit or debit cards.

 I would appreciate it if you would use the online booking service as much as possible as I cannot answer the phone while I am giving treatments.  Also please make any inquiries by email. Thank you for your cooperation.


phone: 08067675211


The online reservation schedule is available up to 40 days in advance.

Treatment can be paid for in-person if, for example, you want to pay in cash or use a treatment coupon, please select "Direct payment" when making a reservation.

[Request for reservations]

  • Reservations are required.

  • Treatments are tailored to each individual's condition. The treatment time may vary depending on your physical condition and the type of treatment, but reservations