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Gaining a foundation for a healthy life through chiropractic care. Better posture and body use are the secret to maintaining strength and endurance.

Does your baby always turn its face to a particular side?

 This shows how I advise you during treatment to help your baby’s head form beautifully.

To prevent infectious diseases, close attention is paid to ventilation and hygiene.

I also monitor my personal health, check my temperature daily, and wear a mask and face shield.


Your body temperature will be checked when you come to our center. 


The following people are kindly requested to refrain from visiting our center. 


  • If you or those in your family have a cold symptom.

  • Those who feel that their sense of smell and taste are different from usual.

  • Those who are at high risk of infectious disease.

  • Those who live who live with someone at high risk of infectious disease.

  • Those who may come into close contact with people at high risk of infectious diseases at work, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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