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We pay close attention to ventilation and hygiene to prevent infectious diseases.


Our treatment space is independent of the waiting room. It is a space where the private is completely protected.

About hygiene

  • The care space is separate from the waiting room, so your privacy is completely protected.

  • At HLC, alcohol and hypochlorous acid water are used for disinfectants.

  • Surfaces such as doorknobs, faucets, tablets, and other items that come into contact with our hands and body are diligently disinfected.

  • Care is taken to keep the center clean.

About ventilation


  • The center’s ventilation fan is always on and the windows are open as much as possible.

  • ​Several circulators are always on.

  • A high-performance air purifier that adsorbs virus-level particles is always on.




Please wash your hands upon arriving.        

I also frequently wash my hands.


I will be wearing a mask and face shield.



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