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Please contact HLC for the prevention of a deformed baby's head shape,

clumsiness when exercising, poor posture, back pain, etc.

Does your baby always turn its face to a particular side?

This video is designed to help those who are receiving chiropractic care at Healthy Life Central to give active care at home.

When your baby always turns its head to a particular side or doesn’t move its head to a position facing the ceiling (called ‘head preference’), there is an increased risk of a deforming head shape.


Not only does it affect the shape of your head, but head preference also affects the quality of body use. Let's prevent deformation of the head shape and promote healthy growth with these exercises.


Healthy Life Central is an international standard chiropractic office located in Shizuoka City and Meguro-ku Tokyo. HLC focuses its attention on preventing the deformation of infant head shape.


Please feel free to contact us regarding:

  • Preventing deformation of  baby's head shape

  •  Improving head preference 

  • Constipation

  •  Unusual crawling

  • Facilitating motor development

  • Awkwardness in exercise

  • Improving walking

  • Improving posture

  • Back pain in children

  • Becoming healthier, etc.

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