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Junko Usuda


Pediatric Chiropractic Master (MSc.Chiro.Paediatrics)

Bachelor of Chiropractic


Bachelor of Science


She is registered at JCR.

JCR: Japan Chiropractic Registration 

​Regular member of Japanese Association of  Chiropractors(JAC).

Member of RMIT University unit Japan Alumni Association




  • ​RMIT University unit Japan(BAppSc, BCSc)                     

  • Granted the Academic Award for 2006          

  • Completed Chiropractic Paediatric Certificate course in Australia                         

  •  Completed the master course of Chiropractic Paediatrics at Wales University McTimoney College of Chiropractic(MSc)                                          

  • Completed the nutrition therapy certification course of the Institute of Nutritional Medicine in Japan.                         

  • 2008 2012: Visited a hill tribe village in Thailand and volunteered. She met hundreds of children.                        

  •  She is a lecturer of pediatric chiropractic at TCC (Tokyo College of Chiropractic) and conference seminars for chiropractors

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