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About HLC

The HLC (Healthy Life Central) chiropractic center started in 2011 in Shizuoka City as Japan's first chiropractic center specializing in caring for children.


In January 2020, the Healthy Life Central opened in a second location in Tokyo, Komaba.

Working in both Shizuoka and the Tokyo metropolitan area, I have cared for many patients- from babies to adults.

Having correct posture and a well-balanced use of our bodies and joints are major factors affecting our health throughout life. I hope that the chiropractic care at HLC will help everyone to be healthier-- including children, whom we want to grow up healthy.

3 reasons to choose HLC

1. Responsive to each patient's needs and point-of-view.

I aim for early improvements through accurate examination and treatment using my extensive clinical experience.


I will do my best to explain in an easy-to-understand manner about my physical condition, treatment plan, and frequency of visits.


In addition to chiropractic treatment, I provide personalized detailed advice through detailed counseling on daily life, exercise, and meals.


Feel free to ask about any concerns or uncertainties. Your privacy will always be respected.

2. WHO-standard educated practitioner

3. Highly specialized chiropractor

I am a registered chiropractor of JCR (Japan Chiropractic Registration Organization) and a regular member of JAC (Japanese Association of Chiropractors). I have been educated by WHO standards to provide safe and secure treatment.


JCR and JAC are strictly adherent to WHO standards, helping you to choose the right practitioner in Japan, where chiropractic is not government regulated.


It is said that there are 30,000 to 40,000 chiropractors in Japan, but only 2-3% of them have been educated according to the established WHO standards. WHO-based education takes more than 4,200 hours to learn medical knowledge and surgical techniques.

I strive to provide high-quality treatments backed by many years of clinical experience and educational background.


When I completed a master's degree in pediatric chiropractic from a traditional British graduate school, I became the first specially trained pediatric chiropractic specialist in Asia. Therefore, I am one of the few pediatric chiropractic specialists in Japan ready to deal with child-specific health problems.


There is a pediatric maxim that, “Children are not miniature adults”.


There are various chiropractic treatment methods. I use a treatment method that doesn’t focus on the joints nor applying strong force. You can confidently use this method from babies to the elderly.


As a chiropractor, I believe it is important to continue to grow by updating my knowledge and studying new technology. I continue to participate in seminars and study sessions in Japan and overseas.

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